Pets have been visiting nursing facilities and other health care settings for many years. Over time, these visits have made such a difference in the lives of patients that an actual field of study—animal-assisted therapy—has evolved. Research studies have documented the many benefits of this for elders and others.

They have found that pets help reduce depression, loneliness, and anxiety; improve mental function; and lower blood pressure and heart rate. But residents who love animals and treasure their time with pets already knew that pets can be better than pills sometimes.

Today, many facilities have formal animal-assisted therapy and pet visitation programs that involve not just dogs and cats but exotic creatures--such as lizards and chinchillas--and farm animals. Programs such as the Eden Alternative, in an effort to maximize the quality of life for residents and make facilities more home-like, bring animals such as dogs, cats, and birds to live onsite with residents.

Since 2010, through the publication of the Caring Canines calendar the AMDA Foundation has sought to document their touching and inspiring personal stories about these initiatives. We hold a nation wide search to  find deserving animals to feature in our annual Caring Canines Calendar. We received snapshots of their favorite caring canine or other furry friends - including animals that physicians or other practitioners own and take to their long term care facility on a regular basis, resident canines that live at the facility, or residents’ animals who are popular members of their community.

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