Research Projects

Research and quality improvement is a cornerstone of the Foundation. Over the years, we have encouraged practitioners conducting research in post-acute and long-term care medicine, supporting a wide variety of studies, and worked with individuals and organizations to enable and promote research data and results. In 2015, the Foundation completed a sponsored project related to sliding scale insulin usage in long-term care patients with diabetes.

The Foundation continually encourages researchers at all levels and in a variety of settings. For example, each year the Quality Improvement (QI) Award program funds research projects that are designed to encourage the development of innovative projects that will help to make a distinct impact on the quality of long term care. The Quality Improvement & Health Outcome (QIHO) Award program provides three awards to post-acute & long-term care facilities for programs resulting in the improved quality of life for their residents.

These award winning projects and their findings are presented during an educational session at AMDA’s annual symposium. To extend their impact, information about these award winning projects is available on our (searchable) online database, which is accessible by the PA/LTC community. We hope to encourage other facilities to implement one of the submitted projects, or develop one of their own!

Additionally, we help distribute surveys and solicit participants for studies. Over the past several years we gave international researchers an opportunity to present their study findings during AMDA’s annual symposium.

To browse our online research projects database you can select projects by category from the Research Projects menu located either in the right sidebar or below.  You can also perform a general search using the search box located in the top region of every page.