Over the years, the Foundation has built a strong legacy of research and education initiatives that have driven innovative, quality post-acute and long-term care (PA/LTC). Now, the organization is evolving to further serve PA/LTC practitioners and enable more Society members to be involved in planning, shaping, and creating a successful future for their patients, their practices, and their profession. “We have been working hard in recent months to envision how the Foundation can serve the broader needs of the Society and be more robust in its programming and fundraising capacity,” says Foundation Chair Paul Katz, MD, CMD. With this expanded focus comes a new name: The Foundation for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

Says Dr. Katz, “We have restructured the Foundation so there is now a smaller Board of Directors and a Development Committee, chaired by Ken Brubaker, MD, CMD, with a goal of having well-identified campaigns with strong chairpersons, objectives, times, and accountabilities. We expect to launch several campaigns, including annual appeals and planned giving.” He adds, “We are considering a variety of innovative programs, such as an Institute for Workforce Development. We want programs that address the rapid changes occurring in health care and that service the entire Society membership.”

“Society members are so passionate. A strong Foundation will give us the opportunity to realize our dreams for programs and efforts to advance our professional and maximize our ability to provide the best possible care for our residents,” said Dr. Brubaker. “There are many resources and opportunities within the Society to develop funding for initiatives such as building and promoting our competencies curriculum and expanded our Futures program.”

Dr. Katz stressed that the Foundation will continue its research efforts. “We will focus on identifying the needs for new research and seeking partnerships to promote and enable studies and serve as a repository of information. All of these activities will enable us to show to that we can make a difference and play a leadership role in the evolving health care continuum.”

More than ever, the Foundation will be seeking the input and involvement of Society members, both in terms of strategic direction/program development and fundraising. “We are open to members getting involved in whatever ways they want. We would like to hear from members who have ideas and suggestions, as well as those with experience and/or interest in fundraising and charitable giving.” Dr. Katz emphasized that there will be a variety of ways to donate to the Foundation and its programs, including planning giving and bequests. Additionally, the Development Committee will seek funds from grants, corporations, state chapters, and nursing home chains.

Society members frequently talk about how much the Foundation means to them—both professionally and personally. “They want to give back, and the Foundation has always been a powerful and meaningful way to do so,” says Dr. Katz. “We want to ensure that the Foundation provides them with a proud legacy and viable programs that make a positive difference in PA/LTC, not just today or tomorrow but years into the future.” He adds, “The Foundation has always been the heart of the Society, and we want to keep it beating.”

The Foundation, incorporated in 1996, has supported Society members with research-oriented educational programs and support of efforts such as quality improvement projects. Additionally, the Foundation established the Futures Program, a cutting-edge educational program to encourage young practitioners and those making mid-career changes to consider geriatrics and long-term care. The popular program, supported mostly with grassroots funding, has grown over the years and has graduated many practitioners who have gone on to become leaders in the field.
Watch for more information about the Foundation’s campaigns and program. Contact Christine Ewing in the Foundation office if you would like to get involved on a Foundation committee or on a fundraising campaign.