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Futures Program – A Workforce Development Initiative

By 2039, 3.5 more healthcare professionals will be needed to care for our aging populations, with a severe decline in medical residents matching to geriatric fellowships.  The need for healthcare professionals to provide competent, compassionate, and committed clinical professionals to care for those in need has never been more critical.

A workforce development initiative created by the Foundation for PALTC Medicine, and now managed by AMDA, the Foundation has funded close to $1.5 million dollars to this program driving thousands of advanced interdisciplinary professionals to understand the benefits of working in the post-acute and long-term care field.  Held in conjunction with AMDA’s PALTC annual conference, the program exposes practitioners to the number of career opportunities available in PALTC medicine.  Futures Connect, a year-round program, provides resources and interaction with PALTC leaders in anticipation that participants will remain engaged with colleagues throughout their careers. 

The Foundation provides registration for all participants and travel grants for those in need.  It is estimated to cost approximately $1,500 per participant to attend this program therefore funds supporting individual scholarships or partial scholarships is critical to this program.

Program Goals

  • Recognize the variety of ways to practice in the PALTC setting.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of PALTC providers/medical directors.
  • Describe components of PALTC settings including clinical capabilities, financing, regulation, commonly used terms, and acronyms.

Futures Program Information & Applications may be accessed through AMDA, The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, at  https://paltc.org/futures

Information about the Futures Class of 2025 will be available in mid-July. 

Questions or concerns, email AMDA at Futures@paltc.org

20 Years of Reflection Futures Program Yearbook

“The Futures Program shed light on an area of medicine that I did not have formal exposure to during my training: Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Medicine.  The connections and friends I made during that week formally launched my career.
I jumped right in and AMDA embraced and welcomed me to the family from the very beginning.
I couldn’t be happier!”

Christian Bergman, MD, CMD

Class of 2016, Virginia Commonwealth University Health

“My experience as a Futures participant encouraged me to redirect my practice in geriatrics and focus my effort towards achieving better:  better outcomes for my patients, better practice
surrounding inclusive healthcare in my community, and maintaining better self-care in order to continue to advocacy and awareness regarding aging.”

Jamyl Walker, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C

Class of 2016


Watch videos from 2022 Futures participants discussing why they found the program so valuable
and why they recommend it.

I found my unique place in geriatric care through AMDA’s Futures Program supported by the Foundation for PALTC Medicine, which introduced me to the rewarding work of post-acute and long-term care medicine and provided me with colleagues and comradery that are invaluable to me on both a professional and personal level.
– 2001 Futures Program graduate, former AMDA President,
Cari Levy, MD. PhD.


The Futures Program

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