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PALTC Foundation Gifts – How Your Gift Is Used

The PALTC Foundation and all gifts received make a lasting impact through the specialized funding areas listed below.

The PALTC Foundation Annual Fund provides unrestricted support allowing the Foundation to respond to the most immediate funding needs and promising opportunities. These contributions help in the following areas and may also be donor-designated to directly benefit these needs.

Education & Training

Supports education and training for PALTC practitioners bridging gaps in educational needs for PALTC clinicians thereby improving the competence of healthcare personnel working in PALTC.

Workforce Development

Support the advancement and adequate supply of competent PALTC practitioners and workforce through worthy annual programs such as the Futures Program.


Support and promote the development of new evidence for optimal care in PALTC.

The PALTC Foundation Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund provides a legacy for the future of the PALTC by pooling and investing donations in perpetuity with an annual distribution taken from the interest earned to benefit the PALTC Foundation efforts listed above.

Clinical Resources

Support and promote existing, and the development of new, evidence-based, and actionable guidance and tools specific to PALTC.

Support a better understanding of PALTC

Support and promote a better understanding of the unique nature of PALTC.

Medical Education and Training
2022 Futures Program
Medical Research