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Futures Program Scholar Stories

Past and Present

Futures Program Scholars Past & Present

Cari Levi, MD. Ph.D
Futures Program, Class of 2001

How did the Foundation and AMDA’s Future’s Program bring me into the geriatric and PALTC field?

When deciding on my medical specialty in 2001, I knew I didn’t want to be one of many, I wanted to be unique! I then found my unique place in geriatric care through AMDA’s “Futures Scholars Program” supported by the Foundation for PALTC Medicine which introduced me to the rewarding work of Post Acute & Long Term Care Medicine and provided me with colleagues and comradery that are invaluable to me on both a professional and personal level.

My journey has been unique and rewarding. Little did I know when I participated in AMDA’s Futures Program that I would be forever changed professionally and personally. Since, I haven’t missed a meeting, served as AMDA”s 2019 President, and co-chair the Futures Program in which I had first experienced the value and autonomy that can be embraced with a career in geriatric care. This field and these people have been my family for more than 20 years which is why I’m happy to share my story and ask for your support. We want to do more through this program to retain and value our people and welcome new disciplines, but we need everyone’s investment and interest.

Meara Melton, MD, MBA
Futures Program, Class of 2022

“I loved the opportunity to see the myriad of ways to practice Geriatrics. I heard about AMDA’s Futures Program from my local CMDA President, Sing Palat, and was encouraged to apply.  I traveled to Baltimore with few expectations and was met by the most welcoming community of providers!

Through the Futures Program I met other trainees with varying interests and experiences in PALTC settings.  We shared stories from our training and learned about how different PALTC varies across the country.

I was particularly impressed by the roundtables that were held during the Futures Program where we got to meet practitioners in the PALTC space and ask any question – no question was off-limits. We asked about things like the interplay between academic facilities and PALTC facilities and how to make a profession in PALTC settings. We shared our concerns about working in the PALTC space and things that excited us. We also shared contact information so we can continue to work together to strengthen the geriatrics service community across the nation.

I traveled alone but was met by my local CMDA leaders who took me in and shared their enthusiasm for this work (which might be more infectious than COVID! I have not met a group of indisciplinary medical professionals that is more passionate about the work they do.

I am a Colorado native. I grew up in Southern Colorado and moved to Denver where I attended the University of Denver. I completed a 5 year program that allowed me to obtain my Masters in Business Administration with a focus on healthcare leadership so I could better understand the healthcare system and be a bridge between clinical medicine and the business of medicine.  I then attended the University of Colorado School of Medicine and stayed on for residency in the Internal Medicine Primary Care Track and a Chief Resident year. I became interested in Geriatrics during medical school when I realized I love helping patients with their medical problems while also considering the role of their community, family and home in their care.

I cannot thank AMDA and the Foundation for PALTC Medicine for providing me with the opportunity to learn from national experts the many ways in which to serve this critical and rewarding field of healthcare.