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Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Support Makes a Difference!

We invite provider organizations, businesses that support residents and long term care providers, and practice management groups to consider supporting the Foundation’s mission with your financial donation. 

Our goal is to fund projects in PALTC workforce and development, research, and technology.  Your generous sponsorship will allow the Foundation to meet its goal.

You can direct funding to the areas that are aligned with your organization’s mission.

PALTC Workforce Development & Education (examples)

PALTC Workforce Development & Education
  • Futures Program
  • Educational webinars that are non-CME
  • Speaker/Keynote sponsorship
  • Awards program that recognizes the excellence in PALTC practitioners

PALTC Research and Technology (examples)

PALTC Research and Technology
  • Polypharmacy and medication reduction
  • Caregiving in PALTC
  • Quality Improvement projects
  • New models of care delivery
  • Continued development of the AMDA mobile app

Become a PALTC Foundation Sponsor

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the PALTC Foundation, contact us at 410-992-3134