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Honoring Nursing Home Practitioners

May 8 – 14, 2022

Will you invest in the future of PALTC Workforce Development while honoring a colleague with a gift to the Foundation for PALTC Medicine?

Help us help the PALTC Foundation to advance workforce development initiatives, current clinical resources, research grants that advance innovations in care, and to educate healthcare professionals of the unique pride and rewards that come from serving geriatric of post-acute patients. The PALTC interdisciplinary team works together in serving very unique needs within the Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Medical Facilities one professional, one resident at a time. Your gift will help and honor a frontline worker during National Nursing Home Week! Please join us in celebrating National Nursing Home Week by honoring a colleague, mentor or friend with your gift to the Foundation for PALTC Medicine. All gift s will serve workforce development initiatives in building a stronger frontline of professionals and those being honored will be listed on the 2022 Foundation’s Wall of Care & Honor at www.paltcfoundation.org while receiving a notice of your gift.

Will you donate now to honor someone special during National Nursing Home Week while helping the PALTC Foundation’s workforce development initiatives?

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Spring 2022
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March 10 -13, 2022

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PALTC22 Annual Conference
Wall of Caring and Honor

Take a moment to honor someone special, while helping another further their career as a PALTC practitioner candidate.

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