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Wall of Caring and Honor

An Opportunity to Show Care and Honor

Created in 2002, The Wall of Caring honors a tradition of care and respect for the field by and for PALTC Practitioners who band together to raise funds for the Futures Program, a PALTC workforce development initiative, while honoring someone special in their own individual professional or personal lives.

Donors may honor the memory of a mentor, colleague, or loved one, while those being recognized will receive a notice of the honor and be listed on the physical wall of caring at the 2022 AMDA Annual Conference and the PALTC Foundation website.

Please take a moment to honor or memorialize someone special to your profession or life while helping another Futures Candidate further their career as a PALTC candidate.

Make your gift today for 2022 Wall of Caring & Honor

Wall of Caring and Honor


Lightyear Health Clinic
by Josh Pruitt

“Proud supporter of Lightyear Health”

Marta C. Steinberg, MD
by Dr. Karl Steinberg

“In memory of Marta Steinberg, MD.”

Futures Participants
by Dr. Suzanne Gillespie

“In honor of the Futures participants.”

Joseph Dovey and others impacted by the pandemic
by Dr. Nicole Brandt

“In Honor of all the residents, families and staff impacted by the pandemic including the loss of my uncle – Joseph Dovey- a resident of a LTC facility.”

Dr. Robert McConnell
by Suzanne Cryst, RD

“In memory of Dr. Robert McConnell.”

Dr. William Smucker
by Suzanne Cryst, RD

“In memory of Dr. William Smucker.”

Elizabeth Doyle
by Dr. Damien Doyle

“In honor of my wife, Elizabeth, for her strength, courage and grace in her triumph battle with cancer!”

Our patients that passed due to COVID-19

by Drs. James McDowell & Nora Hockman-McDowell

“In honor of our patients in LTC who have passed due to COVID-19.”

Dr. Karl Steinberg
by Susan Levy, MD, CMD

“Great work this past year!”

John Gladstone

by Susan Levy, MD, CMD

Kimball Bixenstein, MD

by Thomas Lehner, MD, CMD

“In memory of Kimball Bixenstein, MD”

Dr. Petra Warren

by Dr. Ed Warren

“In honor of my wife, Dr. Petra Warren.”

Frank Elbridge Brainard

by Susan Levy, MD, CMD

“In memory of Heidi White’s father Frank Elbridge Brainard. A life well lived!”

Lauren Hutchinson

by Karyn Leible, MD, CMD

“In memory of my sister, Lauren Hutchinson who enjoyed my AMDA colleagues.”

Debbie Addison

by Susan Levy, MD, CMD

“In honor of Debbie Addison for her many years of service to AMDA the Society for PALTC! Thanks so much for your help over the years. Congratulations on your retirement!”

Pandemic Co-workers and Residents

by Jim Yates

“In honor of all our co-workers and residents who have paid this ultimate price during the pandemic.”

Susan Levy, MD, CMD

by Patricia Curtin, MD, FACP, CMD

“In honor of Dr. Susan Levy for all her work with PALTC and also in the state of Delaware, especially through this pandemic. We are most grateful.”

John Gladstone

by Wayne Saltsman, MD, CMD

“In honor of my friend.”

J.M. McCarthy

by Teresa McCarthy

“In memory of J.M.McCarthy – a wonderful husband, father and man.”

Fuff and Louie Saltsman;
Mary Wright

Donated by Wayne Saltsman, MD, CMD

In honor of my grandparents, Fuff and Louie Saltsman; Mary Wright.”

Dr. David Nace
by Susan Levy, MD, CMD

“Job well done!”

Tim & Sarah
by Dr. Suzanne Gillespie

“In honor of Tim and Sarah, Bills Fans.”

Rohan & Da Bears
by Dr. Suzanne Gillespie

“In honor of Rohan and Da Bears.”