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PALTC Submission Application for Research Grant

Application for Submission of Research Grant Proposal

Once a concept Letter of Inquiry (LOI) has been accepted, the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal using the Foundation’s forms.

Proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Significance of the research on PALTC
  • Investigator(s) capabilities and likelihood of success
  • Innovation
  • Soundness of the approachDiversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Environment
  • Budget

Award Decisions

The Foundation will notify all applicants of funding decisions. The next stage in the grant making process is to sign the Foundation’s grant agreement for approved applicants. The disbursement of awards is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with each successful applicant.

Grant Funding Opportunities

Submission Deadline for 2022 Grants

The deadline for 2022 submission of research grant letters of inquiry is May 1, 2022.  Selected LOIs will result in a request for submission of a full research grant proposal with a 2022 deadline of July 1, 2022.

Research Grant Proposal Application (Part 1)

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Proposals should be submitted double-spaced. Each proposal will be evaluated by a minimum of three Proposal Review Committee members and presented to the entire Committee with a recommendation regarding funding. Committee members with conflicts of interest will be excluded from reviewing proposals or voting on proposals for which the conflict exists. The Committee will vote on each proposal and provide a summary of evaluation and comments to the investigator(s).
Provide a brief executive summary of the project in plain language (up to 1700 characters).
Outline the specific study aims and hypotheses. Outline the design of the proposed research (up to 1700 characters).
Outline what is known in the field that led up to your research question, what is still unknown, and background pertaining to the approach you will take (up to 3400 characters).
Describe methods to be employed and show how your chosen methods relate to the project goals. Please include a description of the planned data analysis (up to 3400 characters).
Prepare a table outlining project timelines and how outcomes will be evaluated (up to 1700 characters).
Provide your plans for dissemination of the results and next steps following completion of this research project (up to 1700 characters).
Describe key personnel involved in the research, their roles, and capabilities related to this grant (up to 3400 characters).
Describe the significance or unmet need relevant to the care of persons in PALTC settings and how this study will fulfill the need(s) and align with the AMDA Foundation mission (up to 1700 characters). Attach biographies of key personnel and letters of support from outside consultants or subcontractors (where applicable).
Refer to the budget spreadsheet to address how your budget is realistic and reflects the work plan. If the budget does not cover the entire costs of the project, outline the source(s) of remaining funds available to complete the project (up to 1700 characters).


Research Grant Proposal Budget (Part 2)

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Including a description and the total amount for each of the following budget categories. Refer to the Funding Guidelines for descriptions of each line.

Personnel Expenses

Consultants and Contracts

Other Direct Costs

Personnel and other direct expenses

Other Funding Sources

(i.e., Sponsorships, other Foundations) Please include both received and pending.
i.e. Sponsorships, other Foundations
Budget Narrative (complete below)

Funding Guidelines