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PALTC Letter of Inquiry for Research Grants

Letter of Inquiry (LOI) for Research Grant Proposal

Before a full proposal is developed, applicants should send in a Letter of Inquiry. The Foundation will then invite applicants whose work aligns with the Foundation’s priorities and other funding considerations to submit a full proposal. The LOI should include a statement of need and proposed solution, goals and objectives, target population, methods, evaluation and impact, and organizational qualifications, it’s partners and stakeholders.

The Foundation will review the LOI and, if appropriate, will invite a full proposal.

Download the Letter of Inquiry, fill out the form and submit electronically.

Submission Deadline for 2024 Grants

The deadline for 2024 submission of research grant letters of inquiry is April 3, 2024.  Selected LOIs will result in a request for submission of a full research grant proposal with a 2024 deadline of July 15, 2024.

Funding Guidelines