A team of nationally recognized long-term care researchers from  Brown University, Stefan Gravenstein, MD, MPH, and Vincent Mor, PhD, are are undertaking a large-scale quality improvement study to evaluate the impact of the annual influenza vaccine choice on long-term care facility residents' hospitalization risk for the 2020-2021 influenza season.

The Futures Class of 2016 was a melting pot of young and mid-career practitioners, physicians, and advanced nurse practitioners. This year’s program hosted 69 participants from across the country and from different sizes and types of programs and practice settings. But they all shared great passion for their work, confidence about the future, and optimism about what they hope to accomplish.

In response to recent changes in the AMDA membership, the Foundation has expanded the eligibility criteria for the Dodd and Pattee awards to include nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We want these prestigious awards to be reflective of our membership, and recognize all the practitioners that provide high quality post-acute and long-term care.

The Futures Program is more than the one day intensive program. In addition to their 3-day registration to AMDA’s annual conference, participants will enjoy complimentary AMDA membership for one year (now including FREE webinars!) and mentoring opportunities. In order to encourage the participants to continue their professional development, Futures participants will receive the following benefits each year when they renew their AMDA membership:

The 2018 QI Award program will award $5,000 in funding for a research project that is designed to encourage the development of innovative projects that will help to make a distinct impact on the quality of long-term care.